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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants Santa Clara

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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the state of the art in replacing missing teeth today. They are an artificial root for your crown to sit upon. In essence, they are a true tooth replacement.  What makes them the best option out of all the replacement solutions on the market today are that you do not need to remove them to eat you food. Even better, you don't have to remove them to clean them either. They look and feel like your own natural teeth.

Down below are several benefits you may want to consider.

We now have concrete proof, through well-documented studies, that implants have the ability to last as thirty years. In another decade, there will be even more proof they can last forty. The Tooth Implant Pros believe they can last a lifetime, as long you maintain them properly. Several studies have also shown implants beating out teeth replacement solutions like dentures, bridges and other cosmetic dental options.

Pleasing To The Eye
Dental implants look, feel and behave like your natural teeth. They integrate so well with the jaw, that most patients forget they are even there. This allows them to eat, speak and socialize with confidence.

No Dietary Restrictions
Dentures, unfortunately, cover up one's palate. In other words, people with dentures often end up eating food they can hardly taste. Dentures are not anchored like implants, so there is a limit to what people who wear them can eat. For example, crunchy fruit and/or vegetables are difficult to eat. Hard bread is difficult to eat. And you can forget about steak, which is almost impossible to eat with dentures. All these foods are no issue at all when you have dental implants.

No Issues Speaking
Patients who are new to dentures will often slur their words, or spit while talking. This is because they have not figured out how to navigate speech with their new prosthetic. These problems do lessen over time. Dental implants are replacement teeth, which means they do not impair speech at all.

Smiling and Socializing
Having missing, discolored or broken teeth can make you feel unattractive and self-conscious. People behave in strange ways  when they are suffering from these issues. They hide their smile behind their hands or don't show their teeth when they smile. It affects their confidence in social situations. Dental implants help to rebuild someone's self-esteem with their natural-ness. They look so real, the chances of someone noticing are slim, to none. More importantly, they allow you to eat, speak and socialize without fear or embarrassment.

No Bone Density and/or Tissue Problems
Dental implant treatments have a proven track record of great success. The process is now predictable and comfortable, with fantastic results.

A huge benefit of implant treatment is their ability to help preserve one's jawbone. Bone levels in the jaw stay strong, which helps to keep soft tissues healthy also.

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

There are many benefits to choosing dental implants as a tooth replacement solution.

A huge benefit is avoiding the destruction of your good teeth. When a dentist uses a "bridge" to replace a tooth, they must sand down the two good teeth next to your missing tooth.

Another benefit is helping your jawbone maintain it's density, and health. Denture wearers are not aware of how devastating their prosthetic is to their jaw. Jawbones require roots so they can maintain their bone density and structure. When a person allows their tooth to stay missing for an extended period of time, this can adversely affect the jawbone. All this waiting will only end up costing you more in the long-term. A dental implant behaves very much like a natural tooth root. It help to keep the bone, and soft tissues, around the new tooth dense and healthy.

The Tooth Implant Pros believe the greatest benefit an implant provides is longevity. If maintained, implants will outlast bridges and dentures. In fact, new studies are showing they may even be able to last a lifetime.

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Do Dental Implants Hurt?

The placement of dental implants requires a numbing agent of some kind. It would be too painful to have one done without a local anaesthetic. There's also the option to use sedation dentistry as well. This means using a sleeping agent so you feel no pain during the procedure. Before these options existed, people had bite down on a piece of leather while a surgeon worked on them. Thank goodness those days are behind us. You will feel no pain whether you decide to use an anaesthetic, or sedation dentistry.

Once feeling returns to the area, people feel varying degrees of discomfort. You will most likely need a day, or even two, off from work. You may also need some over-the-counter pain relief, to help you get through this brief period of mild pain.

Implant specialists found titanium to be a great alloy to use for implants. It helps the implant integrate with the body much faster. This allows healing to occur quicker, and usually with little discomfort or complications.

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